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There are many markets in Bali where you can pick up local arts, crafts, jewelry, cheap fashion and souvenirs. The Balinese are famous for their artistry, so be sure to check out most popular crafts like paintings, stone-carvings, woodcarvings, puppets, weavings, and gold-and silver works. Even if you’re not interested in buying something, local snacks and the atmosphere of Bali’s local and touristic markets for sure offer something different from the modern malls. Bargaining is "a must do" at Bali markets. Just smile and pay what it's worth to you. Remember: they also have mouths to feed. Famous markets are those in Sukawati, Ubud, Kumbasari Denpasar, Bedugul and Tampaksiring.

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Pasar Legi is one of the main traditional markets Solo. This market was established during the Government of Mangkunegaran I. Fruits, vegetables and herbs are the main items sold here. When you visit the market take a look at the older women who carry huge loads on their back, sometimes more then 50kg.

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Human Interest is a story, a report or a photo (single or serial) that describes the emotions, lifestyle, work, activity, experiences of people and their interaction with others. I always try to "catch" my objects as honest as possible without any setting or support of extra lights.