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- HUMAN INTERESTS  (4 new items)

Human Interest is a story, a report or a photo (single or serial) that describes the emotions, lifestyle, work, activity, experiences of people and their interaction with others. I always try to "catch" my objects as honest as possible without any setting or support of extra lights.

- PORTRAITS & SNAPSHOTS  (2 new items)

All my portraits are taken on the street or location. None of them where taken in a studio nor with fancy expensive lighting. I tried to capture the "models" in a relaxed way and as honest as possible in their own environment.

- RAWAPENING  (5 new items)

Rawa Pening (Clear Swamp) is a lake near Ambarawa in Central Java, Indonesia. It serves as a source of power, irrigation, and flood control, and is used for fishing. Due partly to high numbers of aquatic plants, it may dry out very soon if nothing will be done.

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- HOLY PLACES JAVA  (2 new items)

Hundreds of ancient stone religious monuments lie on the island of Java. Known as candi in Indonesian, they date from the early classical period of Javanese civilisation, beginning in the first part of the 8th century CE and ending after 900 CE. The majority were built between 780 CE and 860 CE, even though the civilisation that created them existed for many centuries.

- BEACHES, SOUTH JAVA  (1 new item)

You'll find the most famous beaches on Java at the south part of the island. Stretching from Pacitan to Parangtritis there are lots of beautiful beaches, each with their own character and views. Just a few to name: Pacatin, Klayar, Wedi Ombo, Drini, Krakal, Siung, Kukup, Baron and Parangtritis. At almost every beach there are warungs to serve you cool drinks, coconuts and fresh fish, often caught the same day.