Pasar Gawok is a traditional market near to Solo, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It’s official location is Gatak, Sukoharjo. Here you can see people selling daily needs like clothings and more traditional things like topi (farmers hat) and farmers tools, clay pots, rotan baskets, flowers and plants, traditional food like sate kambing (goat), getug etc. At the back of the market you’ll find blacksmiths creating knives and sickles or fixing them, all in the old, traditional way. Next to this area you find people selling livestock like goats, chickens, ducks, swans, birds, fish etc. Most interesting are the rooster fightings. Lot's of man contesting their rooster, there will be many people circled and crowded around the "arena". They do it without knives and they take very good care of their roosters, not one get’s hurt.