Lok Baintan Floating Market is a traditional floating market located in the village of Sungai Pinang (Lok Baintan), Sungai Tabuk district, Banjar. The floating market has been around since the time of the Sultanate of Banjar. Trading activity starts at 06.00 am until 09.30. The traders are mostly female. They sell a variety of merchandise, such as vegetables, fruits, traditional cakes, and others. In the floating market is still a barter system, money is not always a major transaction tool. Lok Baintan floating market can be reached from the city center of Banjarmasin by two ways. Along the river Martapura by using a klotok, a kind of motorized canoe or by road by car or motor. With a klotok the trip takes about 30 minutes. By car it will take you a little bit longer to get there, almost an hour.