Kemuning tea plantations is located near Kemuning village, Ngargoyoso District, Karanganyar Regency, about 1-1,5 hours drive from Solo, Central Java. The plantation lies on the slopes of mount Lawu at the height of approximately 1540 meter above sea level with a cool climate at the temperature of around 22 Celsius degrees. It is close to the Sukuh and Cetho temples and a few beautiful waterfalls like Jumog and Parang Ijo. Mountainous views and female tea pickers make a visit more than worth. The tea pickers usually start working early morning at dawn until noon. Nowadays we can find a lot of small "warungs" that disturb the beautiful views but where we can get some nice, simple local foods as well as drinks, including "Kemuning tea". Recommended is the "teh bakar", roasted tea at the warung owned by bapak (mr.) Jumadi. Photographers love to go to Kemuning, not only to shoot landscapes and human interests but also for "pre-weddings" with a professional look. The sunrises can be quit spectacular. Situations can change by the minute if clouds start coming in.